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Our Team

Pain specialists

Dr Vijay Bhaskar Bandikatla

Founder, Pain Physician

Dr. Vijay Bhaskar Bandikatla was awarded FFPMRCA by the Faculty of Pain Medicine, London, UK, on completion of Advanced Pain Fellowship from Cambridge and then Completion certificate of training (CCT) from the Royal College of Anaesthesia, London.

Dr Venkat S Munukutla

Pain Physician


Spine and Orthopaedics

Dr. Praveen Mereddy

Sr.Consultant, Orthopedics Speciality Orthopedic Surgery & Joint Replacement Surgery

Dr. Praveen Mereddy’s 23-year journey in orthopedic surgery is marked by a remarkable blend of academic excellence, clinical proficiency, and a commitment to advancing medical knowledge.

Dr G Veda Prakash

Sr.Consultant, Orthopedic Surgery & Ortho Trauma Care

Dr. Veda Prakash G is a distinguished Senior Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon celebrated for his outstanding contributions to the field of Orthopedics, particularly in Ortho Trauma care.

Dr. Shashi Kanth G

Sr.Consultant, Orthopaedics, Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine

Dr. Shashi Kanth G epitomizes excellence as a seasoned Senior Consultant in Orthopedics, particularly renowned for his expertise in Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine.

Multidisciplinary Team

Dr Naga Nandini Bandikatla

Co-Founder, Specialist in Autism

Dr Naga Nandini Bandikatla

Dr.Naga Nandini Bandikatla MBBS,MRCPsych, MBA ( HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT ) Sr.Consultant in Child Psychiatry Specialist in Autism
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Dr. Naga Nandini Bandikatla

Co-founder, Sr.Consultant Child Psychiatry & Specialist in Autism.

Dr Naga Nandini Bandikatla is a highly respected Senior Consultant in Child Psychiatry, specializing in Autism, with a distinguished career spanning 16 years.

Dr. Nikhitha Peechera

Anaesthesiologist & Pain Physician

Dr. Nikitha embarked on a journey in medicine at Chalmeda Anand Rao Institute of Medical Science in Bommakal, Karimnagar

Dr. S.K.K. Chaitanya Veera

Anaesthesiologist, Intensivist & Pain Physician

Dr Chaitanya emerges as a highly skilled INTENSIVIST and Pain Physician with a rich background in pain management and critical care medicine.


Ms. Shivani Kolli

Psychologist & Corporate Relations Manager

Shivani Kolli is a highly skilled psychologist who has transitioned into the role of Corporate Relations Manager, leveraging her expertise in psychology


Nagam Prashanth Kumar

Chief Operating Officer

Nagam Prashanth Kumar brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as Chief Operating Officer.


Dr. Mounika Dandugula


Dr Mounika Dandugula is a dedicated physiotherapist with a background in treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Having studied at Venkata Padmavathi Institute of Medical Science (YSR University)

Dr. Sushmitha Singh Makhan


Dr. Sushmitha Singh Makhan is a dedicated physiotherapist committed to enhancing patient care through her expertise and achievements in the field.

Advisory Board

Dr Sekhar Chennupati

Serial Entrepreneur (Denty's, E- Zone, Clove Dental), Founder - Vigocare

Dr Sekhar is a maxillofacial surgeon by qualification and a serial entrepreneur by passion. 

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