Indo-British Advanced Pain Management Recognized and Awarded Pioneer in Pain Medicine, Neuromodulation, and Spinal Cord Stimulation

Dr. Sekhar Chennupati

Dr Sekhar Chennupati

Serial Entrepreneur (Denty's, E-Zone, Clove Dental), Founder of Vigocare

Dr. Sekhar Chennupati stands as a prominent figure in both the medical and entrepreneurial realms, embodying a unique blend of expertise as a maxillofacial surgeon and a serial entrepreneur. With a distinguished career spanning over 18 years, Dr. Sekhar has made significant strides in building consumer-focused, scalable organizations within the healthcare and technology sectors. Renowned for his visionary leadership, he has demonstrated a remarkable ability to assemble A+ teams and navigate complex business landscapes to establish successful ventures from inception. As the founder of Vigocare and having played pivotal roles in the establishment of renowned enterprises such as Denty’s, E-Zone, and Clove Dental, Dr. Sekhar’s entrepreneurial acumen has been instrumental in shaping the healthcare industry. His passion for innovation and his relentless drive to create impactful solutions have earned him recognition as a trailblazer in the field, dedicated to improving healthcare delivery and driving transformative change.

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