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Ms. Shivani Kolli

Ms. Shivani Kolli

Psychologist & Corporate Relations Manager

Shivani Kolli is a highly skilled psychologist who has transitioned into the role of Corporate Relations Manager, leveraging her expertise in psychology to facilitate effective communication and relationship-building within corporate settings. With a diverse educational background, Shivani holds an MSc in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience from Brunel University London. During her academic pursuits, she delved into research, notably authoring a paper on the Relationship Between The Prefrontal Cortex (PFC) Volume And Executive Functions In Forensic Mental Health Patients. This research underscores her proficiency in cognitive neuroscience and highlights her commitment
to exploring complex psychological phenomena.

Prior to her postgraduate studies, Shivani earned a B.A (H) in Applied Psychology from Amity University in Dubai. Her undergraduate research focused on important issues such as Factors causing Existential Crisis among Adolescents and a Comparative Analysis of Social and Emotional states among UAE and Indian Residents. These research endeavours demonstrate her dedication to
understanding diverse psychological factors and their impact on individuals across different cultural contexts.

Shivani’s transition into the role of Corporate Relations Manager reflects her ability to apply her psychological insights and research skills to diverse professional settings. As a liaison between corporate entities and clients, she brings a unique perspective rooted in psychological understanding, fostering effective communication, and facilitating positive relationships within the corporate sphere. Shivani’s multifaceted background, combining academic rigour with practical experience, positions her as a valuable asset capable of bridging the gap between psychology and corporate environments, ultimately contributing to organizational success and employee well-being.

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