Indo-British Advanced Pain Management Recognized and Awarded Pioneer in Pain Medicine, Neuromodulation, and Spinal Cord Stimulation

Dr. Mounika Dandugula

Dr. Mounika Dandugula


Dr Mounika Dandugula is a dedicated physiotherapist with a background in treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Having studied at Venkata Padmavathi Institute of Medical Science (YSR University), Dr Mounika has gained valuable knowledge and skills in physiotherapy. She has honed her expertise through practical experience, including roles at SIGMA Hospital and
SVRRGGH in Tirupati.

One notable project Dr Mounika has been involved in is the study of wallet neuritis, a condition involving the piriformis muscle and adjacent sciatic nerve. This condition often mimics true sciatica of lumbar spine origin, leading to confusion among pain physicians when diagnosing patients. Wallet neuritis is characterized by symptoms similar to those of piriformis syndrome but can present without typical features such as positive flexion adduction internal rotation (FAIR) test or pace sign.

Dr Mounika’s research highlights the importance of correctly diagnosing and treating wallet neuritis, as discontinuation of a fatty buttock wallet can often relieve a patient’s discomfort without the need for more invasive approaches. This finding underscores the significance of recognizing wallet neuritis as a distinct condition, rather than simply grouping it under piriformis syndrome. By emphasizing this distinction, Dr Mounika’s work aims to improve patient care by ensuring appropriate treatment strategies are employed based on the specific diagnosis. Her dedication to advancing knowledge in physiotherapy and providing evidence-based care underscores her commitment to optimizing patient outcomes in musculoskeletal health.

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